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VMS is not just a single program, but a suite of management tools including everything from accounting, compliance, collections, and delinquency control, to interactive web modules allowing residents, property managers, board members and vendors to interact and communicate in real time.

Find out what thousands of homeowners associations, condominium associations and apartment/rental management companies across the country already know...

Village Management Software can and will increase the efficiency and productivity of your property management business, giving your company the competitive edge it needs to thrive and grow.

Mobile Compliance

Mobile Compliance

With VMS Mobile Compliance, you can update your compliance records on your mobile device while conducting inspections using our new Google Maps feature.

Mobile Compliance Map
Hosting Options

VMS Hosting Options

Your life just got a whole lot easier with VMS Hosting…

  Purchased Software Virtual Hosting Leased Software Shared Hosting
Dedicated Server Green - Included  
Site-2-Site VPN Tunnel Green - Included Yellow - Optional
Unlimited Property Licenses   Green - Included
Dedicated SQL Software Yellow - Optional  
200 GB+ Dedicated Storage Green - Included  
2GB Storage Per Concurrent License   Green - Included
Total Data Management Green - Included  
Remote Desktop Option Yellow - Optional  
Support / Updates Included   Green - Included
Web Portal Hosting Fee Low Fixed Fee Variable Rate

VMS e-Banking

With VMS e-Banking Integrations*, there is virtually no limit to banking with ease!

  • Auto Account Reconciliation: Reconcile all bank accounts, clearing AP checks and deposits
  • Document Downloads: Monthly Statements and any other documents available for download
  • Lockbox: Daily payment files are downloaded, which can be automatically processed into all owner accounts. Email notifications for processed payments are then automatically generated and sent to your clients
  • Validation Upload: Owner information is automatically uploaded to the bank, allowing them to manage lockbox and check only payments
  • Real-time AP check image integration through iXpert, AP and GL
  • Real-time internal account transfers through AP and / or GL, as individual or batched transfers for any property
  • Real-time bank account balances
  • Real-time bank account transaction history and daily balances
  • Real-time owner transaction lookup with coupon and check images
*Participating Banks


Manage your clients’ needs through VMS taskForce™

VMS taskForce™ encompasses several modules that make task management of client data fast and easy. Manage client calls, emails and work orders in a single unified task management system, complete with an Outlook© like scheduler.

  • Client Communications: Manage client calls and emails by drag-and-dropping into the unified taskForce™ CRM system
  • Work Orders: Create, assign and manage the workflow from inception to payment
  • Scheduler: Outlook© like calendar feature to graphically display, filter and manage your assigned tasks
  • Architectural & Compliance Management: Assign and manage the workflow for architectural and compliance issues
  • Delinquency Management: Task manage your delinquency process and payment plans
  • Agendas

With VMS taskForce™ at your side, there is no limit to managing your client relations effectively and efficiently

File Fusion

File Fusion™

Create single PDF documents using multiple iXpert™ reports/PDFs

File Fusion™ allows users to create a single PDF document that includes reports and linked PDF files from the Document Management System (iXpert™).

Users can define a Fusion batch to generate all necessary reports and merge Document Management PDF files from AP expenses, bank statements, delinquency and compliance letters into one complete Financial PDF document which can be emailed to board members, attached as a board web document through the VMSWeb™ portal or as a single PDF file.



Don’t get lost in a maze of information, get iXpert™!

iXpert™ is a new document management system included in the VMS software suite, providing users with the ability to globally search for and retrieve information stored throughout the database. Information can be stored in 24 file cabinets, such as resident notes, ARC, compliance, delinquency, accounting adjustments, and AP expenses.

Using a single search tool, users retrieve information that can be used to:

  • Locate resident accounts, property data, web documents and FAQ information
  • Combine PDF / RTF documents into a single PDF file or printed as a batch
  • Export the information to an HTML / linked folder structure for easy property or legal turnover
  • Combine attached PDF documents into a FileFusion™ report group, generating complete financial packages through a scheduled monthly task, which, with a couple of mouse clicks, can be automatically emailed to board members or uploaded to the VMSWeb portal


VMS provides fully integrated accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger modules. All data is processed and managed in real-time. Integrated G/L budgeting, allows for automated budget generation. Unlimited customized reports and parameters, in addition to access to over 440 pre-configured report templates, all populated with real-time data.

General Ledger

  • Batch Journal Entries*
  • Memorized Entry Management
  • Rapid Journal Entry Inquiry

Accounts Receivable

  • Single Step Billing*
  • Lockbox Processing*
  • ACH Management
  • Property & Account Adjustment Management*
  • Coupon / Statement Creation*

Accounts Payable

  • Batch Invoicing*
  • MICR Printing*
  • Digital Document Attachment & Signatures*
  • Memorized Invoice Processing*
  • Work Order to AP Submittal

*Batch Process

**Participating Banks


  • Auto Reconciliation**
  • Lockbox Processing*
  • Positive Pay Analysis**
  • Single View Manual Reconciliation
  • Statement View
  • AP Check Image View**
  • Bank Account Transfers**

Delinquency Control

  • Collection Management
  • Automated Account Analysis
  • Intelligent Balance Analysis
  • Sequenced Letter Processing
  • Automated Email Notices


  • Multiple Budgets Across Cost Centers
  • Auto Populate Prior Year Analysis
  • Excel Add-In Module
  • Month to Month Income to Expense Analysis
property Management

Property Management

VMS includes a suite of comprehensive property management modules designed to increase your company’s productivity. Automated compliance management and work orders with real-time data for employees, board members and outside vendors. Architectural and compliance task management, digital document handing, letter creation and committee/resident interactions are all managed effectively within VMS. An advanced web module is included, providing up to date information for your employees, board members, residents and vendors, thus cutting call volume and saving your business time and money.


  • Automated Letter Sequences
  • A/R Direct Fining
  • Separate Account Ledger
  • Email Notifications
  • Online Review and Response*
  • Mobile Application Featuring Google Maps™*


  • taskForce™
  • Registration: Pet, Vehicle, Visitor, Pool Pass and More
  • Property Call Log
  • Resident Call Log
  • Ad-Hoc Merge and Letter Creation
  • Outlook™ like Scheduler


  • Manage Digital Documents
  • Merge and Letter Creation*
  • Task Management
  • Resident Review*
  • Committee Approval
  • Email Notifications

Online Access*

  • Committee Management
  • Group Events
  • Documents
  • Group Email Notifications


  • Managed Account Ledger
  • Compliance Fining
  • Ad-Hoc Merge and Letter Creation
  • Call Log

Work Order

  • AP Submittal
  • Digital Document Attachment*
  • Estimate Management
  • Insurance Expiration Alerts
  • Resident, Board and Vendor Maintenance*

*Web Capable

**Can be used with Work Order, Tenant and Architectural.



The VMS Collections module will allow you to automate and efficiently manage the collection process. Using predefined letter sequences with automated charges and batch processing over one or all of your communities at the same time. VMS will save your business valuable time in this traditionally laborious task. VMS also integrates with collection agencies to provide up to the minute data on delinquent accounts.

Predefined Letter Sequences

VMS provides customizable collection letter sequences to automatically manage the collection process. The sequences can also be manually managed when desired.

Automated Charges

Late fees incorporated in the collection letter sequences are linked to the accounting module for automated processing.

Batch Processing

Collection letter sequences and associated fees can be processed in bulk over a single community or all of your communities at the same time.

Auto Sychronization to VMS Management Company

VMS can auto synchronize with other VMS systems if one system is defined as a collection system and requests collection information from other management companies using VMS. Third party vendors can use similar technology to extract data for their accounting systems.

Lien and Foreclosure Management

VMS can be used to record and manage liens and foreclosure information for managed delinquencies.

Payment Schedules

Payment scheduling and management can be set up and maintained, with notifications of payment through lockbox processing.

Web Portals

Web Portals

VMS creates customizable websites for your associations, providing real-time access to the information your residents, employees and vendors need, thus reducing telephone calls and saving your business time and money. Controlled online access to reports and documents for your board members and residents, as well as approved outside vendors. Resident opt-in automated email system responses for payment, unpaid balances, architectural, compliance and work order notifications. Board email notifications for architectural, work order and invoice work flow review.

Mobile Compliance Application

  • Web Based Mobile Integration
  • Create/Manage Compliance Issues
  • Picture Attachment
  • Architectural Access for Units Being Reviewed
  • Featuring Google Maps™

Real Time Resident Information

  • Account Detail
  • Compliance
  • Architectural
  • Debit Payment Definition
  • Credit Card / e-Check Services
  • Reporting
  • Work Orders

Custom Websites Per Property

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Style Sheets
  • Website Options
  • E-Commerce
  • Vendor Access

Board Access

  • Approval for A/P
  • Check Processing
  • Reporting
  • Compliance Review
  • Architectural Review
  • Work Orders

Compliance Committee Access

  • Reporting
  • Compliance Review
  • Mobile Compliance Application

Architectural Committee Access

  • Architectural Review
  • Architectural Approval
Web Service

Web Service

VMS integrates with and provides real-time data to a wide variety of outside vendors servicing your communities. This includes integration to major HOA banking institutions, resale document vendors, collection agencies and maintenance companies. VMSXChange also allows integration with third party website providers.

Certification Document Integration

eDistribution is a feature of VMS that allows document management vendors to automatically receive processed compliance and delinquency letters for mailing and certification management.

Resale Disclosure Integration

Full Integration with major document vendors, providing fast, efficient resale document retrieval.

3rd Party Data Retrieval Capabilities

The VMS web service allows external vendors to gain access to your data securely, which allows our clients to offload tasks to trusted vendors, saving time and money.

3rd Party Web Site Integration

VMS integrates with major 3rd party website developers to provide the real-time data they need to populate customized community websites.

Collections Data Vendor Integration

VMS can be configured to work with authorized collection agencies, providing the accurate and up to date information they need to manage your communities.

Banking Integration

VMS is integrated with major HOA banking institutions to provide lockbox processing, ACH processing and auto-reconciliation

Task Scheduler

Automated Task Scheduler

The Automated Task Scheduler provides your business with the ability to plan and execute future tasks such as billing, lockbox processing, database backup, homeowner notifications and report generation to various media (printer shares, electronic files or website posting). This automation insures that critical tasks will be performed accurately and on time. The Task Scheduler can also be used to schedule the rendering and distribution of reports and budgets to approved board members, employees or outside vendors.

Database Backup & Reorganize

  • Scheduled Backup of Database
  • Maintenance of Database Indexes for Optimal Performance

Automated Lockbox Processing

  • Automatically Download Bank Lockbox File*
  • Process Payments Directly Into Resident Accounts
  • Reports Created as PDF Files During Processing

Automated Billing

  • Scheduled Posting of Recurring Charges
  • Reports Created as PDF Files During Processing
  • Automated Setup of ACH Debit

Financial Reports

Schedule Reports for:

  • Board, Compliance & Architectural Web Portals
  • Printers
  • Network Folders
  • FTP Servers

Automated Homeowner Notifications

  • Email Notifications
  • Architectural & Compliance
  • Calendar Events
  • Late Fee Notifications
  • Payment Processing
  • Work Order Maintenance

Automated Bank Process

  • Download Account Reconciliation Data
  • Lockbox Files
  • Statements
  • Upload Validation Files
  • Upload ACH Nacha Files